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Garnets in Matrix by the Flat or Individual Large Specimens

We supply the Best Mineral Specimens straight from our Alaskan mines at wholesale prices.

Rare Barrerite Mineral Discovery...
Istvan Toth.

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Rare Mineral Discovery

Alaska Garnet Mines > Garnets in Matrix. Garnet Crystals and individual Garnet Crystals faceted by Mother Nature

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Garnets in Matrix - Large Specimens

Garnets in Matrix by the Flat

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Very Rare Barrerite Specimens

Alaskan Snow Quartz


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Rare Barrerite Specimens only found at our Alaskan Mines. Click here to see a very rare Barrerite specimen.

Alaskan Garnet Individual Crystals. Sold by the flat.
Very Rare Barrerite crystal specimens from Alaska.

Alaskan Snow Quartz
Boxed specimens of various sizes of this druzy quartz. Sold by the flat.

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