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Record the specimen number from the website.
Submit this form electronically or call 760-741-8701 or write to us at:
Alaska Garnet Mines
1195 North Grape Street
Escondido, California 92026 USA

SHIPPING & HANDLING: Cost will depend on weight of order and distance shipped and your preference for sea, air or land shipping. We ship primarily with US Postal Service and for heavier items we ship UPS. Overseas shipments will ship mostly US Postal Service unless you direct us differently.

Payment: Please include your full address including zip code when requesting S&H costs. All US and international orders may be paid using PayPal. We will accept Postal Money Orders for US orders only. We will not accept personal checks. Our preference of payment is PayPal.

Make Postal Money Orders payable to: Istvan or Mary Toth


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