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Istvan Toth on the day of his discovery, on his claim, of the world's largest and most spectacular specimen of the very rare Barrerite mineral. This is a museum size and quality zeolite specimen.

Anyone interested in the purchase of this fantastic specimen should get in touch with us by phone or e-mail.

Alaska Garnet Mines is the sole source for the very rare Barrerite mineral. Istvan Toth, who is the owner of Alaska Garnet Mines, discovered the source of the Barrerites in the 1980s, on the very remote Kuiu Island in Southeast Alaska. The Barrerite is a very rare Zeolite and it's chemical composition is described on the front page of our web site. Barrerite was discovered on only one other location in the world in Sardinia, Italy, but the crystals were tiny and the mines have been exhausted there. Our Barrerites specimens have beautiful well-formed crytals. You can view some of our specimens if you click on the link Very Rare Barrerite Specimens.

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